ARON Facilitators – a company dedicated to serving Nigeria's energy resource industry with its capability of providing temporary or permanent multi-layered integrated security solutions that enable corporations protect its people and critical assets/infrastructure from “high level threat” and keeping them working round the clock all year round.

Our Drive:
ARON Facilitators is a wholly Nigerian company in Driven by the philosophy; “Security Begins Beyond The Fence”, which is to detect, assess and deter any threat at a standoff distance from key asset being protected, strategic assets such as oil and gas pipeline network and installations, power stations and transmission infrastructures, transportation infrastructures (airports and harbors) and corporate buildings; all of which are vulnerable to terrorist and criminal threats.

Our strengths:

  • Utilizing in-house specialized skills and experience complemented by superior quality technology that is cost effective and easy to install, to serve our clients both effectively and economically.
  • Dealership representative of major security OEM's guarantying constant technical assistance, knowledge transfer and updating of our team.

Our offering:

  • Risk Management Consultancy (RCM)
  • Total Perimeter Security Systems (TPSS)
  • Emergency Response Management Solutions (ERM)
  • Curious:; phone: +234 909 915 6325

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